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High Assurance products


Protecting sensitive data and critical systems is a major concern in view of terror threats and cybercrime. Not permitting any automated outside connection is still a common, although highly impracticable, way to achieve this. How do you benefit from the Fox …
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RedFox cryptochip

Creating certified cryptographic products used to be a complex task, especially if you require a certification for government use. Not only must the products provide unsurpassed levels of security, but they must also undergo lengthy evaluations by various certification bodies. …
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Eavesdropping on mobile phone conversations has been possible for a long time. Up until now interception was the sole domain of intelligence and law enforcement agencies. However, the ease at which your telephone conversation could be intercepted is increasing. The …
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SINA enables organizations to connect physically separated networks through any secured or unsecured network. SINA stands for Secure Inter Networking Architecture and was developed primarily for State Secret networks of the German Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). The …
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Application: Ruggedised hardware VPN solution Classification level: DV, stg. Confi Fox SkyTale is a ruggedized IP-crypto solution, developed for military vehicles. It combines the ability to deal with unstable low-bandwidth aerial links, and yet to perform on networks up to …
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Secure telephony for land lines, fax and mobile telephones The VECOM service is a joint venture between Sectra and Fox-IT. Following an assignment from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, a solution was developed to make it …
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