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National approvals


Germany has evaluated the OEM-version of the Fox DataDiode by Secunet (SINA One-Way) for use up to and including GEHEIM. This evaluation has been performed by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI).

Click here for the German approval.


In India, the Fox DataDiode is the first and only product that has achieved the highest possible government certification for IT protection. Under the terms of the Indian Common Criteria Certification Scheme (IC3S) the Fox DataDiode has met EAL4+. For more background, consult the press release.

Available documents are: the Security Target, the Certification Report produced by STQC, and the Certificate itself.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has evaluated the Fox DataDiode for use up to and including Stg. GEHEIM. This evaluation has been performed by the NL-NCSA (NBV) which is part of the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands.

Click here for the Dutch  approval by the NL-NCSA (NBV)

United Kingdom

Based under the Common Criteria SOGIS Mutual Recognition Agreement the Fox DataDiode has been ‘automatically’ accepted within the UK. Since the Data Diode is not a crypto product it does not have to undergo a CAPS certification process.


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