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Asset Protection

The Fox DataDiode used in an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) network, serves to protect the integrity and availability of assets. It provides a unique hardware-based, one-way data link that has been approved and certified by a large number of authorities, such as Common Criteria evaluation bodies, governments and international organizations.

One important use case is the flow of status information for monitoring purposes from an ICS network to a corporate environment: by only allowing data to flow from the control systems to the corporate office network, the up-to-date and real-time status of production is available to users in the office network. At the same time, threats originating in or operating through the office network – for example malware that has entered the office network through an internet link, or hackers conducting targeted attacks – cannot reach the industrial control systems network and thus the integrity of assets and the production process remains safe and secure. Real-time ICS data replication uses specific protocols, like Modbus, OPC and DNP3.

  • Modbus Replication

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