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Historian Replication

The Fox DataDiode enables organizations with ICS infrastructures to replicate data historians using a one-way connection. In many situations, information collected in data historians, like OSIsoft PI System, should be accessible to not only the plant floor, but also to for example corporate departments.

A solution could be to open a connection from corporate networks to the plant network, but that would expose the plant network to enormous risks: a direct connection from the corporate network to the plant is created. In most cases, the corporate network is connected to the internet and has many more users than necessarily need to have access to the plant.

To overcome this problem, a replica data historian server or collective can be created inside the corporate network. By connecting this replica with a Fox DataDiode, the plant network is protected from attacks from the outside. Updates to the replica data historian server are done in real-time. Furthermore, historical data can be replicated as well.

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