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OPC Replication

The Fox DataDiode OPC Replicator enables transparent replication of OPC data through the Fox DataDiode. Real-time data as well as historical data from critical production environments can be shared while the assets stay protected. By using this solution, data from devices using the OPC protocol is replicated from within an industrial control environment to another network.

By replicating OPC data, one no longer has to make a direct bidirectional network connection. This way, data can be collected from devices and OPC servers, without exposing control systems to digital threats from the outside. Its use enables systems in the organization to work with live or historical data without imposing a risk on production systems.

To replicate data, the Fox DataDiode OPC Replicator gathers data from devices and servers in the production environment. This can be OPC servers, historians or embedded devices in the production environment.

To know what data should be replicated, the software can either read a configuration specifying selected views, or use autodiscovery to detect all available views.

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