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OSIsoft PI Replication

The Fox DataDiode PI Replicator enables one-way replication of OSIsoft PI Servers through the Fox DataDiode. With this solution, one or more source OSIsoft PI Servers can be replicated to one or more destination OSIsoft PI Servers.

The Fox DataDiode PI Replicator typically connects to one or more PI Servers in a production network and replicate point data through the Fox DataDiode to one or more servers in a corporate network. Of course, this is not limited to production and corporate networks; it’s merely an example. The use of PI Collectives – clusters of PI Servers so to say – is supported.

The Fox DataDiode PI Replicator builds upon the official OSIsoft PI SDK. This means official OSIsoft methods of connecting, retrieving and exchanging data are being used. Moreover, compatibility and performance with versions from several years ago up until the latest version is PI Server is guaranteed.

It’s a flexible module, which will replicate data from one or more historians to one or more historians: a many-to-many solution, so to say. Naturally, also one-to-one server setups are possible.


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