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FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is supported standard in the Fox DataDiode software. FTP is used to transfer documents from the unclassified side, through the Fox DataDiode solution and forwarded to an FTP server on the classified side. The following drawing gives a general setup of FTP through the Fox DataDiode:

The Fox DataDiode software provides various modes of FTP transfers between the upstream and downstream proxy, such as fast forward mode or store and forward mode. Through the web-interface the user can manage access control to FTP shares and manage the flow of information after it leaves the downstream proxy. The throughput of this solution is 100 Mbit/s and both file and (sub)-folders are supported.


Both the upstream and downstream proxy support FTP based on SSL (FTP/S) and FTP based on SSH (sFTP). The login credentials and the data channel are encrypted to provide a secure channel when accessing the Fox DataDiode proxies.

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