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The Fox DataDiode solution can be augmented with various specific customer requirements. We support for example ruggedized casings for easy transport to remote locations, TEMPEST of the Hardware Diode and the servers based on NATO SDIP-27, fiber to serial convertors, provide Mil-Spec or industrial grade proxy servers, etc.


Every electronic component emits signals. These emissions can be intercepted and analyzed to disclose transmitted information. This is unwanted when confidential information is processed. Fox DataDiode enforces secure one-way communication. Together with TEMPEST it provides absolute certainty that no sensitive information can leak from the classified network, not even through compromising emanations.

Electronic equipment can produce unwanted radio signals therefore it is subjected to national (tele)communicaton authority regulations. TEMPEST however measures these compromising emanations and tests if there is no correlation between radiated energy and confidential (plain text) information that is being processed.

Industrial Espionage

Every organization has confidential information. Although this information is protected logically and/or physically, the threat of loosing information through emitted signals is not mitigated. Government organizations, like the NATO, are aware of the TEMPEST threat. But business sectors like aviation, process control and IT are unaware of industrial espionage through compromising emanations. Theft of for example intellectual properties can result in significant financiall losses.

TEMPEST standards

Numberous TEMPEST standards and requirements exist. The complete Fox DataDiode solution can be adapted to the highest TEMPEST standards available:

  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A – Strictest standard for devices that will be operated in NATO Zone 0 environ- ments, where it is assumed that an attacker has almost immediate access (e.g. neighbor room, 1 meter distance).
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level B – Slightly relaxed standard for devices that are operated in NATO Zone 1 envi- ronments, where it is assumed that an attacker cannot get closer than about 20 meter (or where building materials ensure an attenuation equivalent to the free-space attenuation of this distanc
  • BSI German Zone 1-3 – German Federal Office of Information Technology Security (BSI) utilizes the BSI zone model where the NATO SDIP-27 Level A is the highest security level, followed by zones 1, 2 and 3. The Fox DataDiode is listed in the BSI German Zoned Products List.
  • Non-Standard requirements– Non-standard or national specific TEMPEST requirements, also called quiet or silent, are also possible with the Fox DataDiode.


TEMPEST of the Fox DataDiode solution, consisting of Commercially Off The Shell (COTS) proxy servers and the Common Criteria certified Fort Fox Hardware Data Diode, is provided by EUROTEMPEST. With minor changes the solution fulfills the highest TEMPEST requirements.


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