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Secure Multi-Domain Desktop

Access to multiple differently classified domains has always been a cumbersome process. Due to security regulations classified domains have to be physically segregated from each other. Users have to switch physically from one workplace to another, just to check their email or to upload a file. Fox DataDiode combined with Keyboard, Video and Mouse Switch (KVM) provides a flesible solution to data separation in the office.

Red/Black Segregation

Organizations currently handle confidential information on multiple seperated computers, where classified (Red) information is stored on a Red computer and unclassified (Black) information is stored on a Black computer. Practically this means that the user has two compu- ters, two monitors, two keyboards and two mouses on his desktop. Also, due to the Red/Black segregtation transporting information from the Black to the Red computer has become a cumbersome pro- cess, since unsecure transportation media have to be used.


KVM switches are used to access multiple computers though a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. This solution saves desktop space and gives the user a flexible way of switching between multiple compu- ters and domains. Secure KVMs can be found in the Common Criteria Portal or NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue.

Secure Multi-Domain Desktop

One-way communication through the Fox DataDiode can be augmented with various applications which enhance the usability of a multi- domain desktop without degrading security:

  • Drag and Drop file transfer
  • Automated Mirroring
  • Desktop Monitoring
  • Email Forwarding
  • Sharing Information

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